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An interest in analytics forged in the fires of psychology, statistics & digital marketing, Simon has had a passion for finding creative ways to measure real-world scenarios from an early age. After receiving a BA Psychology from UCLA, he went on to architect and develop the Inbound Marketing team at Laserfiche. His interest soon turned to Wpromote, where he was one of the founding members of the Digital Strategy team and lead client engagements with brands like Forever 21, Lindora, & Nutshell. 

In his current role as Vice President of Digital Intelligence, Simon actively engages with business leaders to democratize digital marketing analytics and allow organizations to make confident data-backed decisions. Some organizations Simon has worked with, in this capacity include Whirlpool, Proactiv & NBC.

Simon regularly speaks at industry events and has spoken at the Laserfiche conference, State of Search, SMX West, eCommerce Catalyst for Change, SMX East & SMX Advanced. 


Building websites since he was 13, Simon loves building solutions


Democratizing & evangelizing all things related to Digital Analytics


Leading the Digital Intelligence team at Wpromote

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